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Our mission is to document the role of design in shaping how our technological society builds and interact with our planet.

Throughout history, maps have helped us make sense of our physical world. They have brought cultures together to cross-pollinate and collaborate. Bring forth the need for new maps; with different lines, colors and symbols to tell their story.

They are records of control, change and testaments to the power of collective exploration and development. Few graphic representations of data have brought society as much information, utility, controversy and awe as maps.

The internet, similarly to maps, revolutionized the way we interact with the world. Real time mapping gives individuals the ability to decide what’s on a map. Layers of data designed to communicate natural and manufactured systems, developing a deeper connection to our planet, communities.

The term 'Overview Effect' was first introduced by space writer Frank White in 1987. It describes the profound feeling of awe one experiences when viewing Earth as a whole, accompanied by a deep sense of responsibility to care for it.

Everything is interconnected. Everything that has happened, has happened somewhere.

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